The wurdsurf team had an amazing time at the SMX Social Media Marketing Conference in Las Vegas at the Aria Resort & Casino on Wednesday, December 4th & Thursday, December 5th.

In addition to meeting a slew of like-minded social enthusiasts, wurdsurf took away tons of new tactics and strategies to better-service our current clients.

Overall, our biggest takeaway was that the key to creating a successful, scalable social media strategy is in identifying your audience and then understanding their wants and needs. Once you know what your market is looking for, it is much easier for you to meet the demand in an engaging way that will turn regular customers into life-long loyal fans.

Social media is not just a phase – it’s another (new) marketing channel that needs to be integrated across other marketing channels. In order to effectively establish a community where customers can communicate, you have to humanize your brand and give fans/followers exclusive access to your brand. Some of the best ways to do this are by demonstrating outstanding customer service, showing “behind the scenes” action and evoking conversation over shared interest.

At wurdsurf, we strive to translate the meaningful engagements we create with your fans into life-long relationships with loyal brand ambassadors. Learn More

December 4, 2012 – Morning

1. Traffic Boosting Twitter Tactics
Monique Pouget, Director of Content Marketing, Thunder SEO (@moniquethegeek)

Management Service Tools

  • HootSuite
  • TweetDeck
  • CoTweet
  • Sprout Social

Smarter Twitter Monitoring

  • @ optional
  • Topsy
  • Backtweets
  • Hootsuite

Find the best people to follow and engage with

  • Topsy
  • Twazzup
  • Social Mention
  • Tweepz
  • Twiangulate
  • Google

Find Mutual Relationships – Social Listening

  • Twtrland
  • Friend or Follow
  • Twiangulate

Track What’s Working – Shortened Links with utm parameters

  • Raven Tools Analytics Configuration tool

Participate in Twitter Chats


Smarter Tweeting

  • Create and Follow Twitter Lists
  • FollowerWonk
  • Tweriod
  • Buffer App
  • Collect and save for later – storify
  • Monitor Growth Over Time
  • Humanize your Brand

2. Tuning Up Twitter Tactics – Aaron Friedman, SEO Manager, Spark Communications (@aaronfriedman)

Twitter is…

  • 340M thoughts shared daily
  • 140M+ Active Users
  • The loudest voice on the planet
  • Twitter strategy has become even more critical for marketers
  • Twitter contributes to Search Engines

Attributes Engines Might Consider

  • Relevant/irrelevant messages posted
  • Total number of documents initiated posted by the author within a defined time period
  • Total number of replies or comments made by the author

3 Points of Successful Twittering

  • Clarity – Take away the guess work. Tell your audience what to say?
  • Simplicity – Sharing is easy and boosts engagement
  • Incentives / Timely – Be relevant

Other Tips:

  • Be Clear – Highlight the content in the tweet that you actually want people to share
  • Too Long; Didn’t Read – Highlight not only ON Twitter But also OFF Twitter
  • Make Sharing Easy – use easy share buttons!
  • Don’t complicate posts – 5:3:2 rule – 5 Posts about your space, 3 posts about your products, 2 personal
  • information – when you see a need, gives your audience an incentive to share your information, or take an immediate action
  • Use Tools: FollowerWonk, Topsy, Social Mention, TweetReach

Tactics to improve Quality

Twitter and the Long Tail –

  • Step 1 identify keywords
  • Step 2 Look at Social Data (Topsy)
  • Step 3: Create Content

Twitter Cards

instead of twitter and going on your site – they stay on twitter – a lot of the contet spreads so can look and view the conent quicky – let them look at it they will share it –

Force Tweets

Twitter Intent Tweet, Hand Code and Adding to Text as a Link

3. The Big Bang Theory of Twitter Chats – Michelle Stinson Ross, CEO, Firestarter Social Media (@SocialMichelleR)

Authority is the key to drive chats.

“In the Social Media World authority is like gravity. In order to increase your gravitational pull, you must first gain mass”

  • Have more conversations
  • Participate
  • Educate
  • Network
  • Build Reputation

Popular Social Media Chats

  • Popular social media Twitter chats
  • #blogchat – Sundays at 9pm ET
  • #Likeable –Sundays at 10pm ET
  • #journchat – Mondays at 8pm ET
  • #mmchat – Mondays at 9pm ET
  • #socialchat – Mondays at 9pm ET
  • #pr20chat – Tuesdays at 8pm ET
  • #linkedinchat – Tuesday at 8pm ET
  • #smbiz – Tuesdays at 8pm ET
  • #smmanners – Tuesdays at 10pm ET
  • #brandchat – Wednesdays at 11am ET
  • #smchat – Wednesdays at 1pm ET
  • #CmgrChat – Wednesdays at 2pm ET
  • #wjchat – Wednesdays at 8pm ET
  • #pinchat – Wednesdays at 9pm ET
  • #SEOChat – Thursdays at 1pm ET
  • #BWEchat – Thursdays at 2pm ET

Next Step – Host your own chat

  • Expertise
  • Influence
  • Trust


  • Create
  • Maintain with content – discussion topics, participant questions, guest bloggers
  • Promote – share links
  • Maximize hashtags – train your community – be dominant

4. Key Twitter Tactics from the Wolves – Bob Stanke, Director, Interactive Services, Minnesota Timberwolves (@bobstanke)

In the last six months, Twitter is driving 10% more traffic to compared to the same period a year prior. Twitter following has grown over 200% in the last six months and here is how!

Key Twitter Tactics for the #twolves

  • Intense cross-organizational content and communication strategy
  • Get everyone involved from the top down
  • Understand High Value Content (HVC)
  • Create patterns and consistency
  • Utilize all your “partnerships”

Top Tips

  • Get everyone involved in Twitter messaging – from senior down
  • High Value Content has a HUGE impact on traffic – Pictures of Dancers get shared like crazy. Key Players, behind the scenes
  • Consistent Twitter messaging and matches the context
  • Use Twitter to show fans what they are missing
  • Make content strategy a priority
  • Make the organization small again
  • Find your gold content
  • Measure everything
  • Build partnerships with ot
    her brands
  • Using Twitter to drive game operations, collect data and reward the community through partner site

December 4, 2012 – Afternoon

1. Customer Acquisition Through Social Media

A. Member Acquisition Through Facebook – Mark Marin: 
A case study into what loyalty rewards can do for brands, Mark showed us among other stats an impressive 70% uplift in Burger Kings transactions, 77% increase of spend per user and a dramatic increase in overall loyalty to the brand.

With Facebook users being ‘worth’ 58% more than non FB users and with better campaign optimisation and more focused targeting, the cost per acquisition is now a quarter of the cost 6 months ago. Even something as simple as a 2 pixel line around an advert showed a 10% increase in CTR

  • Target Facebook ads specifically to what people like eg – Amazon Vouchers
  • Get users to share with a friend to get more
  • Keep users on Facebook as long as possible – step 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc

B. Social Media and email – Drew Conrad ZAGG @zaggdaily, @drewconrad
Looking at the internet marketing goals of ZAGG, Drew gave us a whistlestop tour of strategies for growth to increase revenue, visits and order size with Social Media and email.


  • Increase email sign ups with Social
  • Add a like box to the home page – ZAGG obtained 30,000 likes in 10 days
  • Send frequent reminders to hang out and hook up
  • Use Facebook Ads to landing pages, content and posts
  • Use True View in-stream Ads in Adwords (cheaper than YouTube Search)
  • Twitter Search and Blog Posts

With the Tagline ‘Don’t take our word for it, here are X Tweets about’, ZAGG share tweets made by users alongside an offer that you can’t refuse.

ZAGG also put together a Global Map of real life customer stories for maximum engagement and, in result, topped the list of the most mentioned Twitter Usernames on Cyber Monday.

C. Customer Acquisition Through Social Media – Mariana Rodriguez –

Step 1: Define your acquisition goal

  • Make a purchase
  • Social action
  • Increase cookie pool
  • Download content
  • Register/submit info
  • Coupon/offer redemption
  • Product trial

Step 2: Clearly Outline Your Campaign

  • What constitutes an acquisition?
  • Who do you want to reach?
  • How are you going to get them to take action?

Step 3: Measurement Plan

Measuring offline success from social media customer acquisition efforts requires a two step process.

Non-acquisition Actions (Intermediate step)

  • Visits store
  • Attends event
  • Downloads
  • Social action

Acquisition actions

  • Purchase
  • Register
  • Coupon
  • Trial
  • Social action

2. Blow Me Away Blogging

A. 8 Takeaways from a True Story of 800% Blog Growth – Mike Arnesen, Senior SEO Analyst, SwellPath (@mike_arnesen)
“Blogging is hard – it takes passion, creativity and time” – Amen to that!

Mike Arneson shows us how SwellPath increased their traffic by 800% with the following Takeways:

  • #1 – Blog Frequently and on Schedule
  • #2 – Incentivise your team – content calandar and a bonus (yes please!)
  • #3 – Let your audience do the work – answer their questions
  • #4 – Find & Exploit opportunity gaps -write what Google wants
  • #5 – Leverage Google Authorship
  • #6 – Optimise the meta
  • #7 – include FASS Fast Action Social Sharing buttons
  • #8 – Use Google Plus for additional placement

B. ZAGG & Blogs – Drew Conrad (@drewconrad)
With more than 10% of the visits to come from the blog Drew takes us through the benefits of blogging

  • Content for social channels
  • Content for email
  • 82% higher click-to-open rate
  • SEO value
  • Links to posts
  • Internal linking
  • Engage customers
  • Establish brand

Using examples of popular blogposts that have gone viral, Zagg shows that it is important to create unique and interesting content.

C. Everything you need to know about the social editorial planning process – Sarah Evans, Chief Evangelist, Tracky (@prsarahevans)
It doesn’t matter if you’re a single author blog, or managing multiple contributors, use a social collaboration platform.

Have a Plan

  • Establish roles (content producer, editor)
  • Monthly, weekly, daily
  • Deadlines
  • Promotional toolkit
  • Keywords
  • Timing (relevance and share)
  • Monitor


  • International & national headlines, localize story
  • Holidays, observances
  • Customer or brand lifecycle
  • Conferences, media events
  • Google trends
  • Company milestones, human interest stories
  • Add top newsrooms to your phone
  • Utilize ifttt
  • Top social network trending topics
  • Twitter lists of top tier media

K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid!)

  • Identify your key times (Tweriod)
  • Schedule posts at times most likely to reach your community (Buffer)
  • Automate sharing (
  • Reminders to share.

3. Keynote #1 How To Win Friends & Not Be Unfollowed By People (Or Worse) – Del Harvey,  Director of Trust & Safety at Twitter – (@delbius)

Twitter – love it or hate it, drives social love and traffic. Do we all use it wisely, or are we all spamming without realising?

Using the example of a Bookstore that was on the verge of going out of business. The son of the business owner Aaron Durrand sent a tweet that accidentally went viral and saved the bookstore from closing.

The lesson, if you connect, you win friends – but what if you don’t connect or engage, what makes people decide that you are not a useful resource, but just an annoying tweeter?

Del Harvey took us through some do’s and don’ts when running your Twitter account, and things that will get you unfollowed in a flash!


  • Overuse @replies
  • @this, @that, duplicate tweets with different ‘@’ replies is still spam – your feed will end up with the same tweet over and over again but to different people.
  • Duplicate posts – different #hashtags
  • Spam spam spam spam spam – shows little imagination, and if your followers also follow some of the people you are tweeting it is only a matter of time before your feed becomes annoying.


  • Host a chat – interact with with others
  • Run a contest – everyone likes something for free, so give the people what they want! A great example of mercedes using Twitter to get the public to control and vote for how the video ad went next was a very cool success using the #youdrive hashtag. Del suggest that there is plenty of room for more cool contests.
  • Announce a Sale – start the conversation, encourage people to interact with you from the off

December 5, 2012 – Morning

1. Measuring Success: From Reach To ROI (#smx #22A)

A. Social Media Measurement: From Reach to ROI – Nan Dawkins, Founder, CEO, Social Snap (@NDawkins_SC)
The story of a fall from grace for ‘Perpetual Kid’ – who lost their Facebook account when it was disabled. Faced with the prospect of starting from scratch, Perpetual kid had to decide if recreating Facebook had a business case.

Social snap had all the data and matched it up with a business case by matching customer records:

  • 65% were match to customer records
  • Lifetime value of a Facebook customer was higher
  • If the customer entered a contest the value was 72% higher than a non Facebook customer

So why is this a business case?

Why do we struggle to show business value and prove it? It is not lack of data.

Problem #1: Senior Execs need different Data

  • Marketers focus on what is growing comnunity what is making eple engage – but the senior management do not use these metrics – when their eyes glaze over and you hve lost your budget.
  • Transactions are not going to make the case from social channels direct- it is seen as a tiny fraction of the total volume.
  • That is not what socal shines at – Social fills the prospect funnel and engages the customer – there is often another channel in between.

Problem #2: Data lives in silos

ROI des not live in these silos – integration is not really ingetration – how do you solve the problem. We need to start connecting dots

  • Web Analytics Data
  • CRM data

There may not be a direct sale – but a sale much further down. Google Analytics gives you the asisted conversion data but does not tel you who converted – when you start looking at all the steps in between. If you can’t connect to customer records – you are going to have to focus o n leads and prospects. Social provides value with soft and hard prospect data (downloads no purchase vs full interaction.) Which Conversions? Where does social shine?

Give senior execs the big picture

  • Keep in in context.
  • Don’t show values or attribution if you cand validate it.

B. Ethan Dobson, Director of Online Marketing, Offerpop (@ethandobson)

Elevating Social in Your Organization

How you are talking about ROI is almost as important as what you are measuring.Take the social media marketer role and through the application of data elevate the role to have strategic impact in the company.

Email Marketing

  • Industry average from 2012 $8.37
  • Email collected will result in $0.18 revenue
  • The results in a facebook average cost er email of $0.22 average revenue $720 per campaign
  • Industry standard numbers cost to acquire $33,480

Social ROI the Big Picture
What does the consumer look like today?

  • CRM and other systems lack the real time afile view of consumers that social data provides.
  • Social data shows you who your customers realy are and what they are actually interested in today.

Beyond Likes, PTAT and engagement metrics -Use social date to empower your organisation on multiple fronts and deliver strategic ROI:

  • Likes
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Data acquired
  • Trends disvcovered
  • Revenue generated
  • First touch awarenes
  • Elevating awareness
  • SEO impact
  • Email addresses

If you have the ear of the Adwords campaign – start monitoring keywords from conversations and see how they perform compared to other research

Socially Informed Marketing

Rich social data can inform marketing campaigns across all channels and allow your company to discover trends, model consumer acquisition programs and contribute to strategic influences.

C. Competitive Intelligence: Social Media – Jon Morris, CEO, Rise Interactive (@JonBMorris)

4 Objectives

  • 1. What makes you great – why are you different why do people want to buy – can’t be because we care or anything that competiors can also say – focus on the different factor – once you know – you now how to put that across to potential customers
  • 2. What is the current competitive landscape – what content is more enagaging?
  • 3. How are you trending compared to your competitors – if you have a plan in place and you are gaining market share
  • 4. Understand your compeitiors goals – goals can vary dramatically – use info to find out what customers want and drive that towards innovation


  • Message
  • Content types
  • Content syndication
  • Post frequency

Seamless and GrubHub

Case study of the two same offers sent within 15 minutes of each other showed the importance of making sure you follow your competitors.

Paid Ads

Auto insurance – all 3 main competitors had the same text ad – difference is at Geiko you can save $500, others slightly less. When thses sort of companies spend tens of millions of dollars a year and don’t look at their competitors they are missing out on opportunities.

Content Type

If you don’t have video and your competitors do, you don’t need to go and do it but you do need to find out what they are doing – is the content more engaging?

Content syndication – where are your comptitors – how are they syndicating their content – everyone is on facebook but only semantic is on youtube – if your competiitor is not in that space – opportunity


  • Guy Kawasaki – 12:20:30 rule – go get the video – after two weeks unubscribed due to clutter and too many tweets
  • Richard Branson – 1.3 tweets per day – he should be sending more but he is not cluttering the feed
  • Find out what the right amount of tweets per day is by looking at competitors


You can develop the most engaging content in the world but if you have no subs it wont matter – compare to your competitors

  • Number of subs
  • Growth rate
  • Demographics

For a full recap of the two keynote speakers, click here.

*Note: The summaries above were provided to us by Jackie Hole (@jackiehole) from the SMX Social Media Marketing team.